Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Cousins

A Race

A couple of weekends ago, LP and I went to her new baby cousin Madalynn and Hunter, Cole, and Ella. After getting my baby fix in, I took Hunter, Cole, and LP to the local family day festival. It's been too long since I've taken Hunter and Cole somewhere with me, I used to love having them for weekends, but I hadn't realized it would be even more exhausting now! All three kids were very good though, Hunter and Cole took good care of LP while they waited in line for bounce houses and slides. And LP was determined to keep up with them, somehow making it to the top of the slide (I think the boys gave her a little hand the first time), running races with them, and even trying cotton candy once she saw them eating it. LP wants to know when we are going back to see them again.

Waiting in line

Down the slide

First Cotton Candy


Buby + Bleu said...

Ahh, looks like a fun time! Hunter + Cole are your friend's kids, right? They are twins? Cute.

Lilypad Mom said...

Yup, Hunter and Cole are two of Shannon's kids. They are actually the reason I have an SUV, when she had them I traded in my little 2-seater so that I could take them places. I can't believe they are 8 years old already.

Jumpin J's Mom said...

I can't believe how big they are! LP must have been in heaven!