Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Treats

fruity popsicles
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Lilypad Princess and I have established a new nightly routine thanks to Nana. Each night when I would come home from the CPST course, LP and Nana would be waiting for me on the front steps. It was so nice to see them waiting there for me as I pulled up, and we ended up spending time sitting out there catching up on the day.

Now LP and I have made this a part of our routine. After dinner we take homemade popsicles out on the front step, watch the birds heading home for the night, talk about where the planes flying over us are going, and discuss our day. It has become my favorite part of the day.

We are currently working on a batch of watermelon popsicles that Lilypad Princess made herself. She dug out the middle of a seedless watermelon and filled the mini food processor. I put the top on for her, and she held the button down until it was liquid. They are a little too sweet for my taste, I think next time we will try adding a little orange juice to the watermelon to cut down on the sweetness.


Jumpin J's Mom said...

I had a dream about making popsicles last night! They were really good, thanks for the idea!!

Buby & Bleu said...

What great timing. Where did you find your molds? I bought a cute cheapy one from the grocery store and the handle on 2/4 broke off the first time. So I just threw them all away and need to start fresh. When Reagan was here we made orange juice/water popsicles, and I plan to make more homemade smoothie popsicles with our extra smoothie mix in the mornings. Deeeelish!

Blue House Mom said...

What a great idea to make watermelon popsicles...so sweet. How many can you make at once?

Carolyn said...

Sitting with our Princess was only one great part of my day... because I had her all to myself while you were at school and she was just the best company in the whole world. She even gave me a guided tour of your whole neighborhood! Can't wait to come and sit on your steps again this summer. Save me a spot.
Hugs, Nana