Monday, June 16, 2008

Potty #3

A Pink Potty for a Princess

Lilypad Princess and I ran out tonight after the storms were over to get her some new pajamas. I thought we had enough summer pajamas left from last year, but it turns out that alot of those were from the summer before and they are all too small now. As we were walking down the aisle of potties, she shocked me by actually noticing one. Of course I shouldn't be too shocked, it is pink after all.

And then she told me she wanted to use the potty. Not just any potty, the pink potty. It's for princesses you know. After 20 minutes of looking at all the potties, a store employee talking to LP about being a big girl using the potty, and a little debate (after all we have 2 never used potties at home already) we headed off to pay for the 4 sets of pajamas and the pink, princess potty.

We got home, opened the box, and LP sat. And sat, and sat some more. She apparently really likes the squishy seat. She ate dinner on the potty, watched tv on the potty, and read books on the potty. All together I think she sat on the pink potty for 2 hours. That's longer than all the time on both of the other potties put together. Then she got tired of sitting, stood up, and pooped on the floor.


Jumpin J's Mom said...

That is too hilarious!!!

Lindsay said...

Hey thanks for stopping by the blog! Thanks the puppy is a real sweetie.. just working on the house breaking thing.. Then I saw this post about potty training and about cried! The dog is hard enough.. not looking forward to do this with Sammy :-P

Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Too funny!!

Oh, well... getting her to sit on it and like it is the hardest part. The rest will happen in time.

Buby & Bleu said...

I can't stop laughing! What a lovely story. I've thrown away 2 of Buby's supercool character underwear b/c he pooped in them and I was too grossed out to wash them in the machine with our other clothes. Or by hand. So we bought him more underwear. He went from 4 accidents a day to none (usually). So it'll just happen one day when she's ready. Love the potty.

lil ole' me..... said...

Oh, so funny! :)
Sounds like she is having fun breaking in her new princess potty!!!