Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hollywood Studios, Disney World Day 2

We got to Hollywood Studios just after it opened. We headed right over to the Tower of Terror for Lilypad Dad and Auntie La, while I headed over to the Rockin' RollerCoaster for some FastPasses. Since the Beauty and the Beast show was about to start soon, we headed over to wait and got great seats. Lilypad Princess was fascinated by the show, I think we're going to have to start taking her to some local plays. She sat completely still, taking in every character and song.
Nana and I waiting for the show

LP waiting for the show to start
waiting for the show

Beauty and the Beast

When the show was over, Auntie La and I headed to the Rockin Rollercoaster. I don't think I have ever seen (or been on) anything that takes of that quickly! Once that was done we all met back up and headed over to Hollywood and Vine restaurant for the Playhouse Disney Character lunch. I was very pleasantly surprised by how good the food was, and LP was so excited to meet June and Leo. The characters (JoJo and Goliath as well as June and Leo, came by the table one at a time about every 10 minutes. There were lots of big hugs, signatures in the autograph book, and more hugs. Every 15 minutes the characters would gather in the middle of the restaurant to dance with the kids. Lilypad Princess danced around the tables in a conga line holding hands with Leo, and was taken from and to the table by June.

Cheese with Leo

Cheese with June


Dancing with Leo

Bringing June to our table

While Nana, PopPop, and Auntie La went off on one of the grown-up rides, Lilypad Dad and I took LP to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. LP wasn't too sure of the gigantic grass, ant, film, and dog nose at first, but quickly got into the fun (ok, she never liked the dog nose). Her favorite part was climbing through the spider web, she wore out both Lilypad Dad and me going through it.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground

Riding the giant ant

Lilypad Dad got a chocolate cake during a snack break for everyone to share. LP liked the idea of the chocolate cake, but didn't actually eat any of it.

Yum Chocolate Cake


Blue House Mom said...

First, the photo of you and your mom is awesome. Definitely one to frame. And I love that LP had so much fun. I'm sure she'd love to see local shows and it won't be long before she wants to be in one of those shows. She's very dramatic!

Buby & Co. said...

You and your mom look a lot alike here. Also love the last shot of LP and her Daddy with the chocolate cake. Of course she didn't eat it! It's hilarious how she doesn't even like what most people can't resist. By the way, we went to Ruby Tuesdays today with Buby and he kept asking for LP the whole time. Where is she? Is she at home? Is she coming here? They remember EVERYthing, don't they?

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

You and your mother look soooo... much alike! BP and I LOVED the Beauty and the Beast show!!! We saw it alone while Daddy took BB for a walk. It was like a Broadway show, right?
I have some info I will e-mail you about a local theater group that is ding Snow White and a couple other children's shows. LP would love it!
i bet she loved seing the LIttle Einstein's!!!

Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Don't you just love breakfast at Hollywood & Vine? When we were there the summer before last, we actually got in on the very first week they were doing the character breakfast there. There were only three other families there with us because no one knew about it yet so all, like, 10 kids got to have a great time playing with the characters for an hour or so - I don't think a bite of breakfast got eaten!