Monday, April 7, 2008

A Wonderful Birthday Weekend

Thank you to everyone who emailed and called this weekend to wish me a happy birthday. I'm sorry I didn't answer all of the calls, it was a busy weekend, and I hope to talk to everyone soon.

I celebrated with Lilypad Princess and Lilypad Dad on Saturday night since Lilypad Dad had to work on Sunday. We went out for a nice dinner, I really enjoyed my lobster ravioli. As we were finishing dinner, Lilypad Princess was so excited to see Buby and his parents walk in. We were all full after our meals, but Lilypad Dad surprised me by getting dessert to go, and he and LP sang happy birthday to me and we had cake at home.

Erikas birthday with Grandpa and Nannie 002

Sunday morning, my actual birthday, Lilypad Dad got up with Lilypad Princess so that I could sleep in (now I know I'm old since I now consider 8:30 to be sleeping in!) They surprised me again by making me a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit salad. Then in the afternoon Nannie and Grandpa drove down to visit. They brought a great cake for me, and a sprinkled covered donut for Lilypad Princess.

Erikas birthday with Grandpa and Nannie 012

LP enjoyed some of her donut during her teaparty with Grandpa.

Erikas birthday with Grandpa and Nannie 008

When it was cake time, LP conned Grandpa and Nannie into lifting her up repeatedly so she could stick her fingers into the frosting. She didn't actually eat any of the cake, but she enjoyed making everyone else lick frosting off her fingers.

Erikas birthday with Grandpa and Nannie 023

Erikas birthday with Grandpa and Nannie 032

We went out for burgers for dinner, and LP was so tired (she skipped her nap since Grandpa and Nannie were visiting) that she was falling asleep while eating her french fries. Her eyes were closed while she was chewing and she kept missing her mouth as she tried to get one last fry in. She finally gave up and decided to take a nap right there on the bench in the restaurant.

Erikas birthday with Grandpa and Nannie 042


Blue House Mom said...

Uhhh...why didn't I know it was your birthday? Did I forget? I am so sorry. Happy, happy belated birthday to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Glad you were able to celebrate with your little one, and your husband, and your special.

Buby & Co. said...

She looks at donuts with the same intensity as I do... YUM! I'm glad we got to run into you guys on Saturday night. Happy Birthday again!!! Glad you had your dad around.

lil ole' me..... said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
And, love that her Grandpa plays tea party with her! How cute is that?!?!