Saturday, April 12, 2008

Buying Appliances

I enjoy cooking. And I love my kitchen. But I'm starting to get frustrated with our range. It is getting old and you can boil or turn it off, it's very difficult to get anything in between when you need to simmer or something. Lilypad Dad and I have started looking into replacing it although it is still going to have to wait a little while.

When we are ready to replace it, we are planning to look for a local Mom & Pop appliance store to purchase from. Mom & Pop places not only sell, but they install and service the products they sell instead of contracting it out or telling you to then go deal with the manufacturer if you have problems after it is in your home. The employees at Mom & Pop stores know the products that they sell, they are often family employees who have worked at the store for years instead of someone who jumps from department to department like at the big box stores.

If we lived in Southern California, one store that I would definitely go look for the range at would be Spears Appliance - Family Owned & Operated Since 1929. They are currently in their third generation serving customers with appliance sales and service.

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