Thursday, March 13, 2008

Travel in Budapest

I love to travel; Australia and Ireland have been my two big international trips so far. Although I probably won't be going anyplace anymore exotic than Oklahoma or Disney World for the next few years, I still like to think about places I would like to visit.

One city that I think would be very interesting to visit is Budapest. Described by a travel guide as "old world charm and cosmopolitan living on the banks of the Danube", I love the mix of Western luxury and simple traditions. Budapest is a major spa center and 'taking the waters' at one of the many baths or spa-swimming pools is something that every visitor must experience.

Apartments in Budapest can help you plan your Budapest holiday by booking an apartment to stay in instead of a hotel. They offer your choice of 49 different accommodations, all with the amenities of 3-5 star hotels. But by staying in an apartment instead of a hotel you can have the convenience of a kitchen, saving you money on restaurants, laundry, and multiple rooms to keep a larger travel party together. If I had my choice, I think I would stay in the Hollywood Apartments of Budapest


Carolyn said...

Hi Lily Pad Mom,

Well Pop-Pop and I are glad that you are traveling to Disney and Oklahoma.... mostly because you are doing it with US !!! And we love to be with you and Princess and L P Daddy. But as LPP gets older I wouldn't mind branching out for something more exotic if you guys are game !?!
Love, Nana and Pop-Pop

PumpkinsMom said...

My husband and I keep watching "Passport to Europe" on the Travel Channel and bemoaning the fact that we didn't travel internationally more before we had kids! I made it to Ireland and France...I couldn't get over how friendly everyone was in Ireland.