Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Child's Sense of Distance

Normally when Lilypad Princess talks about someone who isn't with us, she tells me that they are "far, far away". Nana and PopPop are far, far away (which is true). Grandpa and Nannie are far, far away (I guess to a 2 year old, a 2 hour drive is far, far away). But daddy is also far, far away when he's at work, and her friends are far, far away if they aren't playing with us at the time.

Yesterday Lilypad Princess reminded me of a child's view on distance and travel just isn't the same as ours. All of a sudden while getting dressed for the day, she turned to me and told me that she missed her Nana. I told her that I missed Nana too, and asked her if she wanted to call her. LP told me that she didn't want to call, "Let's go see her." I told her that Nana was too far away to go see her today, remember how we had to go on the airplane last week? She gave me an exasperated look, like she couldn't believe I wasn't smart enough to think of it, and told me, "No, we go see Nana upstairs." Then she started heading up the stairs to the guest room where Nana sleeps whenever she stays with us.


Blue House Mom said...

So sweet and innocent. Imagine it it were really that simple?

Carolyn said...

I miss you so very much Princess. I only wish I were magical and could be upstairs in your house whenever you come looking for me.

You are my very special "Lily Baby"
Hugs from your Nana