Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lilypad Likes: Dragonstone Castle

Lilypad Princess received her Christmas gift from her Aunt Christina today, Dragonstone Castle by Haba. It is the cutest soft "book" that can be opened up wide or formed into a box to make a castle. It also comes with a princess, knight, and dragon. The castle folds flat and all the pieces fit back into the plastic bag with a handle to take anywhere with you.

Lilypad Princess loves it, we spent a good portion of the afternoon flying the princess and knight around on the dragon's back, checking out all the features of the castle, and having everyone go in and out of the castle through the door.

Dragonstone Castle is actually a wonderful toy designed for babies age 6 months and up. The pieces are all soft and squeezable, the colors are all bright and fun, and each piece has things to discover and explore. The castle has a bird that can pop in and out, a caterpillar that slides along a rope, child-friendly mirrors, and crinkle paper. The knight squeaks and the caterpillar is a rattle. I think a baby would love this, and as LP's interest in it shows, would get lots of play out of it for years.

I have found it on a few different Websites, including According that Oliebollen, this was a Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year.


Blue House Mom said...

This looks like fun. I love the bright colors. And I'm sure with LP's imagination, you'll have hours of fun.

nutmeg said...

How cute! My Finn would love it!

Buby & Co. said...

Great site! I just checked it out. Love the pattern puzzles and stacking blocks for ages 2-4 on there. The cloth books are so much fun! I'm trying to get Buby the one from LV called Busy Book or something.. Teaches them how to zipper, button, tie shoes, etc.

lil ole' me..... said...

Wow! I think I would even have fun with that!!!