Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Backyard Playground

My current hunt is for the perfect swingset for our backyard. Grandpa and Nannie want to buy Lilypad Princess a swingset, they have been waiting two springs for her to be old enough for it. This year she is climbing, sliding, and swinging on every piece of equipment at the parks, so I think she is ready.

My dad has asked me to do the research and let him know what I think would be the best one for her. I've just started looking, I didn't know there were so many options out there (or how expensive they could be!) I would like a wood set that will hold up for years of play. Of course a slide and some swings, and I think I'd like a little clubhouse as well.

Cedarworks has some beautiful sets fit for a princess (one style shown above). I'm not even sure they would fit in our backyard though, I think you would need to own a castle to install one. So our search is still on, if anyone has one that they love and would recommend, please let me know!


Blue House Mom said...

I may be inviting myself over to your house every day this great it will for LP to have her very own playground! There's a pretty cool one at Sam's Club right now. I don't know about the quality or safety of it, but it looks like fun. Good luck.

Buby & Co. said...

Buby might just move in!! Good luck in your search. I hope you get it early in the season so we can all reap the benefits. Ha! My neighbor is on some playground committee to get us a new one here in the village and she said there's a material that looks like wood but NEVER needs painting or maintenance. Maybe that rubber-type stuff that's recycled?? Worth looking into.

Liz said...

I happened across your blog and had to stop and say hi. I work for CedarWorks and love the fact that you are considering one of our swingsets! I just wanted to let you know that our sets are sturdy and would stand up to years of use by your daughter. They are made in the Northeast with high quality Northern White Cedar, which is as safe as it is beautiful. My favorite safety feature is that our sets are splinter free.
Also I wanted to let you know that you don't have to have a "castle" to have a CedarWorks set. All of our sets are custom made to fit your needs. That means we can build you a set perfect for your yard and with the capabilities to expand.
Another great thing about CedarWorks swingsets is they grow with your children, allowing you to add new attachments and gadgets as they grow. I have a seven year old and I know that little girls change over time and appreciate new additions to “old” toys!
Definitely let me know if you have any questions about the swingsets. Also, check out the website again, where you can "build" your custom set and play with all of the different options, making one as big or as small as you want! When you are ready to talk to someone, you can call and speak with one of our specialists about the perfect set for your daughter.
Have a great summer!
Liz R.

Anonymous said...

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