Friday, March 21, 2008

Dinner, Delivered

The best thing about our house isn't actually anything inside of our house. It's not even in our yard, it is our neighbors next door. We didn't know when we looked at the house or even signed the contracts that by buying it we would be adding to our family.

Uncle Dave and Uncle Michael have become a part of our family, and are a daily part of LP's life. Uncle Dave stops by every morning and we always stop by their house on the way home from the Y. LP spends as much time playing in their backyard as she does in ours, Uncle Dave is always happy to babysit for LP, and they spoil LP as much as Grandpa and Nannie or Nana and PopPop.

Who else but family would be willing to just walk in and take over your kitchen, and who else would you be comfortable with taking over your kitchen? That's just what Dave did tonight. Earlier today he asked if we had plans for dinner already, and decided we'd all do dinner together. So tonight he walked in the door, headed to the kitchen and cooked us all dinner in my kitchen. LP got to play with her toys until dinner was ready, and I had a yummy dinner made for me. Dinner was Orange Roughy (not sure what it was cooked in, but it was delicious!), broccoli rabe with ginger, sweet potato, and salad. Everything was so good, Dave makes sure I never go hungry!

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Buby & Co. said...

You are REALLY lucky to have such great neighbors. I know Buby thinks Dave is the coolest... and he's such an amazing resource for you!!