Monday, February 11, 2008

Weight Loss Update Week 4

Well, it was not such a good weigh in today. I gained 2.5 pounds at weigh in tonight. But I went into it knowing that it wasn't going to be great, I had a little too big a lunch for before weigh in and ate it too late in the day. But I did lose over 3 more inches, so I know that all my work last week wasn't for nothing.

My goals for this week are to mix up the exercises a little more again, I didn't do any circuit classes last week and I don't know if that made a difference, and to increase my water intake. I've been better, but I'm still not where I should be with that. So those are my two short term goals for this week.

Monday: 1 hour water aerobics
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 1 hour water aerobics
Thursday: 45 min. water aerobics, 25 minutes elliptical trainer
Friday: 90 min. water aerobics/aqua jogger classes, 1 hour swimming with LP
Saturday: off
Sunday: 1 hour water aerobics

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Blue House Mom said...

Inches count. Good for you. Ditto on drinking water!