Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie La!

Lilypad Princess wishes a very happy 27th birthday to her Auntie La! LP wanted me to let you know some of her favorite things about her Auntie La.

1. She blows bubbles with me (in my pool or soap bubbles).
2. She flies me like an airplane.
3. She loves the Yankees.
4. She makes a comfortable place to sleep.
5. She buys me noisy toys.
6. She makes a good horse.
7. She has no problem getting on the ground and getting dirty with me .
8. She isn't grouchy to me when I wake her up early in the morning.
9. She's my godmother.
10. My mommy says that I am just like my Auntie La whenever I get in trouble!


Barefoot Princess & Family said...

Happy Birthday Auntie La!!!
I know first hand what a cool aunt you are... I witnessed you blowing bubbles with LP in the pool at her birthday. Have a great day!!!

Buby & Co. said...

What a sweet tribute!! Happy Birthday! I've met Auntie La, and she IS totally amazing with the kids. She was sweet enough to babysit Buby & LP while us grownups went to the Yankees game last summer. I was nervous b/c Buby didn't know her, but she got right down on the floor and started rolling around and talking on his level. Buby (and I) were immediately at ease, and he was totally HAPPY the whole time. She's a cool auntie.

Blue House Mom said...

Happy Birthday Auntie La! I love the first photo. LP looks so tiny and your sister looks full of love.

Lauren said...

Hi LP and sis,
I love it, that is excellent. Thank you so much.
and btw.. sorry about passing on the troublemaking gene LP, but it's kinda fun to have :-)