Thursday, February 7, 2008

Seven Things I Love

Blue House Mom tagged me to list 7 things that I love today.

1. A shining sun and a day warm enough for just a sweatshirt in February.

2. Bringing Lilypad Princess into bed with us in the morning to nurse, cuddle, and delay the start of a busy day just a little with some family time.

3. Listening to LP giggle as she and Forster play with his toys. He is now her best friend, she loves to play with him and take care of him. Her chore is to make sure they both have food each day, and she even tried to brush him. He lets her do everything now.

4. Sending Lilypad Dad off to work with one of his favorite meals for dinner, knowing he will have a good meal in the middle of an extra long day.

5. Getting in my workout for the day before 10am, and having extra energy to get things done afterwards.

6. Counting down the days to a long awaited vacation - 20 days until Nana and PopPop's and 94 days until Disney.

7. Snuggling with LP in the chair, reading, talking about the day, and nursing before she goes to bed for the night. This time is my favorite part of the day, it is so relaxing for both of us, and no matter how hectic a day, we get to spend some quiet time talking about whatever LP wants. I look forward to it every night.

Thanks Blue House Mom, for really making me sit and think about the little things in my day to day life that make me happy. I tag Ashley, Jayme, and T with Honey if you'd like to do it too.


Buby & Co. said...

Lovely list. Shining sun is the best nomatter how cold it is outside. I'm so much happier on sunnier days. Snuggling in bed and chatting at the end of the day... also a favorite! I'm glad you guys are getting away for vacation. I'm sure your mom misses you and LP!!

Blue House Mom said...

Great list. Agree with you on nursing/snuggling in the morning and words can really describe it. I love that LP and Forster are such buddies. Very sweet. Glad I could make you think real hard about this one!