Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Playdate

After a relaxing morning with her daddy, Lilypad Princess was full of energy and ready to spend some of her Valentine's Day with her friends. We met Barefoot Princess (and Barefoot Baby), Buby, and Munchkinetta at Chuck E. Cheese for a few hours of friends, games, rides, fun, and pizza.

This was LP's first visit to Chuck E Cheese and she stopped and looked around in awe when we walked in the door. For a little girl who LOVES rides (and went on amusement park swings before the age of 2) CEC must look like paradise. But first we found her friends and they spent time chasing each other up and down the slide in the toddler area. Then she realized that "coins" would unlock the magic of the rides and off we went.

The first ride LP headed for was, of course, one that would take her high up in the air. I had to pedal for her to get her up there since her legs weren't long enough to reach the pedals, but I was able to step back long enough to snap one picture.

LP is definitely her mother's daughter, she discovered her love of skeeball. Although we are still working on rolling the ball, not throwing it up the alley.

Lilypad Princess and Barefoot Princess were thick as theives all day. We had to find two-person rides that they could go on together because they didn't want to do anything separately. One of the favorites was the roller coaster simulation, there was more than one ride on that and lots of giggles and smiles exchanged. I can just imagine these two on a big rollercoaster at Six Flags in a couple of years.

Once the kids were all all played out, Buby, BP and LP sat down to enjoy some pizza together. The kids are all big enough now that they can sit together at the table without mommies on one side to help them. Thank you BP and mommy for lunch!


Buby & Co. said...

Buby had so much fun, too! I love the expression on LP's face going down the slide. She and BP were fun to watch, so attached at the hip yesterday. If you get time, can you email me the last picture of them all at the table so I can post? THANKS!

Blue House Mom said...

It was our first time, too. Fun place. I can't believe LP went up so high in the air. She's fearless!