Saturday, February 23, 2008

Picture Perfect?

One of the things that I worry about while raising a daughter is how to develop her self-esteem, and love of herself no matter what. With the media images these days, it can only get harder and harder to encourage children to be happy with themselves. The stars and models that are held up as the images of "beautiful" are often altered by photoshop, retouching, or even plastic surgery.

I read an article today about how "Oscar nominees could benefit from surgery". The article recommends a browlift for Johnny Depp and Botox and lip fillers for Cate Blanchett among other stars. How can you convince a child that she is beautiful when we can search for something to fix on stars that are already considered beautiful?

The website that has the news article also shows photos of some stars and newscasters in the UK that have used their Breast Enlargement services. According to another article on this site, 44% of adults in the UK would consider having cosmetic surgery. Is this going to become the norm in the future, everyone will have some form of plastic surgery? Well, I guess except for people like me who are too terrified of needles to consider it.

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