Thursday, February 21, 2008

From City to Suburbs

Until I moved here, I never would have considered 65 miles outside of a city to still be a suburb. But living here, I've realized that many of the people around here commute all the way into the city as well, making this a suburb despite the distance. I know that it was similar in the last metropolitan area I lived in as well, although the distance wasn't quite as great.

Apparently this isn't just happening here in the US, but in Europe as well. According to a news article I read on a site about Uk Mortgages, this is becoming a common practice outside of London as well. According to the article, the reasons that people are moving out of London as are the same reasons as here, cheaper housing prices and a better quality of life.


Barefoot Princess & Family said...

OOOOh I would like to go try and live in a sunburb of London... something tells me it would be a little different that the suburb in whihc we live! I am always up for an adventure!

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

oops sorry which