Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Favorites

Now that all the Christmas presents have been played with for a couple of weeks, the favorites are definitely emerging. Lilypad Princess has declared these the best Christmas gifts of 2007 for a 2 year old. Learning Resources Smart Snacks The cupcakes in this set are the source of weekly battles at preschool. So when I told Nana about the set, she decided that LP should have her own. Not only are the cupcakes a favorite, but the ice cream cones are a big hit as well. And I love the fact that they aren't just fun but educational too. The cupcakes teach shapes, the ice cream cones teach colors and the cookies teach numbers.

Jump Smart Trampoline This trampoline holds up to 80 pounds, has a handle to keep the kids safe, and counts for them while they jump. It also has a jumping game, makes silly sounds, or plays music. Lilypad Princess loves to get on and jump, jump, jump. She can get her little feet really high in the air, and has already started trying to do tricks. We have a little daredevil on our hands, but the funniest part is watching her do it in her Cinderella dress. I really like the fact that she's still getting plenty of exercise even when it's freezing outside and we can't leave the house.
Pat Pat Rocket Lilypad Princess has moved Rocket and the Little Einstiens to her bedroom. Before bed we take Rocket and the Einsteins on an adventure somewhere in the world, then we park Rocket next to the Little People House and she puts all of the Einsteins to bed in the house.

Radio and Microphone I can't find a picture of the exact one that Lilypad Princess got, but it's very similar to the one above only it is pink. The microphone plugs in and she can sing or talk without music, or sing along to tapes. You can control the volume of both, making your voice or the music louder if you want. I have enjoyed taping LP as she tells me stories through the microphone.

And the dresses, I can't forget the dresses. The first thing out of LP's mouth everytime you get her out of her crib is "My Cinderella dress please!" She is good about taking it off to eat, but otherwise wears it the entire time we're in the house. And she has been so excited to finally be able to wear "dresses" to bed, we put one of her new nightgowns on over her pajamas at night so she can wear a dress to bed.


Buby & Co. said...

Oooh, we are SO coming to YOUR house for playdate! Buby is going to go nuts over that trampoline. He wants one. As you know, we picked up the same snack pack, and it's definitely one of his favorites as well. The ice cream!!!

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

Santa brought Rocket to BP also. She loves it!!! I like the trampoline though. What a great gift idea!!!

Ashley said...

That snack set looks so cool! Kinsley loves her felt cookies so I'm sure she would love that.

Blue House Mom said...

That trampoline was a big hit over at your house. What a great gift! The little snack pack looks so cute.