Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Visit to Santa

Christmas Eve, Lilypad Dad, Nana, and I decided to make one final attempt to visit Santa. Lilypad Princess has not been a big fan of Santa's this year, and refused to even sit near him the last time we visited. With Nana acting as the photographer, Lilypad Dad and I both took LP up to meet Santa. She refused to sit on his lap, but I was able to get her to sit on the seat next to him.

At first she was not happy and just wanted me to come back to get her.

But after a couple of minutes and a little chat, they seemed to come to an understanding.

By the end of the visit we even got a smile and ended with a big hug.


Jayme said...

That is adorable! We didn't even try this year...Natalie is not a fan of strangers. Maybe next year!

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

She looks adorable and very brave with Santa. BP would not get that close so we did not even try this year.

Buby & Co. said...

BFFs by the last picture, definitely!! Good thing you tried one last time.