Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's a wonderful Christmas

It has been a long day so this will be a short post. But it has been a wonderful day and I didn't want to go to bed without commenting on it.

Lilypad Princess started off by giving Lilypad Dad and I the bet present of all, sleep until 9am! Then we headed downstairs and LP checked out Santa's empty plate, the presents under the tree and she opened her stocking. Once Nana and Auntie La joined us, LP opened her presents taking lots of time to play with each one before opening the next one.

After presents I got started on dinner while everyone else took turns getting ready. Grandpa and Nannie came in with more food, Uncle Dave stopped by, and LP Dad's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike were able to come over to visit for a while.

After lots of food and more presents, LP Dad had to leave for work, LP settled in to play with her new toys while everyone else visited. It was a very relaxing, perfect Christmas. Now I'm off to enjoy some tea with the chocolate covered strawberries from Aunt Nancy and then head to bed. Merry Christmas!


Barefoot Princess & Family said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day... you deserved it!!!

Carolyn said...

Thank you LP Princess and Mommy and Daddy for such a special Christmas morning and wonderful day. Christmas truly is about children and family and love. Nana

Ashley said...

Merry Christmas!