Tuesday, October 2, 2007

First Day of School

Today was Lily's first day of school. It is the 2 year old Preschool at the YMCA. It's an hour and a half class once a week that mommy gets to participate in as well. Starting next week we will have swim class after preschool as well.

After getting ready for preschool and packing her new (HUGE!) backpack, Lily posed for a few first day pictures for us. Then she was off, up the street telling us to hurry up and follow her. Her daddy walked with us all the way to school, and Lily and daddy stopped to pick me a flower along the way.

Daddy left us in the lobby, where we met Buby and his mommy. Once we got into the classroom we met Miss Sherri, Lily's teacher, and the 8 other kids that make up her class. We started off with some free play, including a teaparty with the animals and dolls each child brought.

Next was circle time, with a story about teddy bears (Lily's bear was very good at following directions), a story about Spot the dog and a bunch of songs. Arts and crafts was next, and Tigerlily added 3 stickers to her teddy bear picture before turning it in. Then she colored a picture of a schoolhouse, and colored a bear to make her nametag with. She strung a few beads onto her nametag necklace, then decided to help Buby with his picture of a schoolhouse as well.

We finished up the day with a snack of some teddy grahams and another circle to sing the goodbye song. A very tired little girl walked all the way home, then actually told me that she was ready for her nap.

So we both survived the first day, and I didn't even cry.


Buby & Co. said...

L. looked beautiful on her first day of school! So grownup! She looked like she had so much fun in class--exploring everything--and I know she made it easier for Buby just being there.

Blue House Mom said...

Cute photos. I'm glad she liked her first day of school. And I'm glad you made it through without crying!