Sunday, December 12, 2010

The First Lost Tooth!

I was having a hard time adjusting to how much older Lily's new haircut made her look. Last night she lost her first tooth, adding to the big girl appearance. It's amazing how much one tooth can change how old they look, whether it was Sunflower looking less like my newborn and more like a baby when she got her first one or Lily looking less like my little girl and more like a big girl when she lost her first one.

The tooth has been wobbly for a couple of weeks now, she first noticed it when she bit into an apple at school and it started to hurt her. While she was brushing her teeth it loosened up the rest of the way and was just hanging on by a thread. She was a little nervous to loose it, but not as nervous as I was at the thought that I would have to pull it out the rest of the way! Luckily nothing really phases Lily and she reached in and gave it a quick tug, depositing the teeny little tooth in my hand. She must have noticed me trying to hold back tears, gave me a big hug and told me that she is still my baby.

We put the tooth into her little fairy pouch, read her story about the tooth fairy, then placed it under her pillow. The tooth fairy came overnight and left her $5 (since it was the very first tooth, and the tooth fairy wasn't quite prepared since it wasn't that loose earlier in the day!)

Lost her first tooth!

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