Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane....

It's PopPop!
Can you find him?(Can you find him in this photo?)

Big congratulations to PopPop who got his Sport Pilot license last week. The plan was for him to fly to the beach house for the end of our vacation, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and we had to come home before he could make it. But yesterday he finally got a break from the storms and made his way out east in his little (and I mean LITTLE) StingSport.

We decided to surprise Lily and Sunflower, so I didn't let them know that he was making a layover in the little county airport the next town over. I told Lily that we were going on a Letterboxing hunt (there is one at the airport that we have been waiting for until just this time), packed them both into the car, and started giving Lily the clues. She solved the clues I have her to narrow it down to airport and restaurant and got out of the car ready to hunt.

While she was pulling her letterboxing bag out of the car, PopPop walked up behind her and said something. She turned around with a puzzled look on her face, it probably took about 30 seconds for her to realize what was happening before she launched herself on him for a big hug.
Checking out the new plane
First we headed out onto the tarmac for a look at PopPop's new toy, um I mean plane. Lily enjoyed climbing up onto the wing and looking into the cockpit but when we told her she could get in and be a pilot she told us it was too small. Too small for a 4 year old but PopPop just flew from Oklahoma in it? Well, judge for youself.
PopPop's new plane!
I guess when a plane isn't twice as tall as a 4 year old it is a little small!
Enjoying an ice cream layover
After checking out the plane we headed into the restaurant for a little ice cream and a letterbox hunt. We enjoyed spending an hour with PopPop before he had to take off again for the final leg of the trip to the beach and Nana.
Getting ready to take off again
Lily ran along the fence waving goodbye as far as she could, then she, Sunflower and I all watched as he took off into the sky until we couldn't see him anymore.
Bye PopPop Have a safe flight!

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