Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4 Months Old!

4 months old

I can't believe Sunflower is already 4 months old! She is rolling in both directions, scooting around when on the floor,  "chatting" up a storm, and has just discovered how to blow bubbles. She is still waking up to eat overnight, but has started off the night in her crib this week. She still ends up in the bassinet or my bed by morning, but is quickly outgrowing the bassinet and getting used to her crib. Her favorite toys are baby, zebra, Sophie, and of course, her big sister.

4 months old

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Anonymous said...

That is my darling Sunflower. I do have the most beautiful grandchildren. I just can't help bragging :-)

Happy 4 months,
Hugs from Nana