Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Sunflower loves storytime. And Lilypad Princess is her favorite storyteller. Yesterday while trying to pack us up to head from Grandpa's house to the beach, I asked LP if she could keep an eye on Sunflower while I got the diapers out of the dryer. When I walked into the bedroom about 2 minutes later, LP was "reading" her favorite story to Sunflower. When I went to pick her up, LP told me she wasn't done and could I leave her there. So I was able to finish packing, shower, and pack up the car completely while LP read Sunflower the entire stack of books that she has there.


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Anonymous said...

Think you got your pictures mixed up this time. That sure looks like you're at PopPop's beach house! and on one of Nana's quilts :-)