Wednesday, May 19, 2010



When did my baby grow up on me? I thought it would be gradual, but it was really very sudden. In the 3 days I was at the hospital with Sunflower, LP grew up. She is no longer even a little girl, she looks more mature, acts more mature, and even stopped sucking her thumb the night Sunflower was born. As much as I wanted her to stop sucking her thumb for the good of her teeth, I don't think I was ready to lose my little girl so completely overnight.

I am so proud of her though, she has been so understanding and helpful. She tries to make Sunflower smile when she's crying, runs around the house to help me by getting things, is better about cleaning up her things, and has only had one moment of jealousy displayed towards Sunflower. Before Sunflower was born she would rub my tummy whenever I was sick or uncomfortable to make me feel better. She has been so gentle with me since the c-section and hasn't argued about anything when I haven't been able to do it. She has always been a Mommy's girl, but now she's my little sidekick and helper.


Jenny said...

Everyone told me when the second one arrived that the first would seem SO MUCH OLDER overnight. I didn't believe them, but it's true.

Jenny said...

Tell LP that Buby still talks about her every day. It's very cute how he never forgets to include her in his group of bests... even though they haven't seen each other much at all this year.