Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swim Class

Swimming underwater!

LP resumed swim classes again in December. When we were asked to switch to an earlier time (the class the crowded) and found out that she would have Miss Nina in the new class, we jumped at the chance. Miss Nina knows how to get LP to work. While she was able to wrap the young male instructors around her little finger (she had one lifting her out of the pool because she said she was too tired to climb out) she wants to impress Miss Nina and will go out of her comfort zone.

In 3 short classes she made huge strides. She is now swimming without a bubble, swimming underwater, and even trying to touch the bottom of the pool. She really loves to swim, she had her dad in the pool for close to 2 hours during open swim. I can't wait to see where she will be at the end of this 8 week session and in the ocean this summer.

Look Mom, No Bubble


Jenny said...

Wish you were still in our time slot, but I agree about Miss Nina. She is AMAZING. Buby has her again, and she's definitely my fave teacher there. She pushes him. She inspires him. She makes him laugh and feel like he's the only kid in the class. I love her. I'm at the other end of the pool with Bleu but I can't help but watch Buby's progress the whole time. It amazes me what a good teacher can do.

Jenny said...

Come to open swim some Thursday night. Our class ends around 5:45 and we stay at least 20-30 minutes extra for open swim.