Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresh From the Farm

First CSA pick-up

Today was our first Farm CSA pick-up. Uncle Dave and I went over alone today because I wasn't sure what to expect and it has been raining all morning. We got a bucket filled with gorgeous greens and strawberries. Uncle Dave and I took a few minutes to pick another 4 quarts of strawberries that is included in the CSA. We may go again on Saturday morning to pick another 4 quarts, or I will just take LP with me for the next pick-up. I know she will love to go pick her own strawberries.

We purchased one full share and we are splitting it with Dave and Michael. Our half of the first pick-up is:

  1. a large bunch of spinach
  2. a large head of red leaf lettuce
  3. a small head of green leaf lettuce
  4. dill
  5. 2 kohlrabi
  6. a cucumber
  7. 3 quarts of strawberries (2 self-picked).
Now I'm off to hide the strawberries before LP eats them all and figure out what to do with the kohlrabi. Has anyone every tried it? Let me know if you have any good recipes!

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