Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Trip to the Museum

hello in there
Last weekend Uncle Dave and I took LP to the city to meet up with Aunt Christina at the Museum of Natural History. LP Dad drove us down to the city to start our adventure. LP took her first ride on the subway, which ended up being 3 or 4 different subway trains to get across to the museum. She got to experience sitting in the sideways seats, regular forward facing seats, and even standing. Luckily she has great balance and had no problem standing during the stops and starts.
Museum of Natural History
Once we finally got to the museum we waited on the steps in the front for Christina to get there. LP loved running around after the pigeons. In fact, she would have been very happy to skip the museum and stay outside chasing the pigeons all day. We did eventually head inside and went straight to the butterfly exhibit. There were some beautiful butterflies, and LP was very excited that 2 chose to land on her. One landed right on her hand, the other landed on her arm and did not want to leave. Uncle Dave carried her around on his shoulders while she kept her arm in one position so she wouldn't scare the butterfly. There was no fear of scaring this one though, she finally had to ask to get it off when her arm was too tired to hold up anymore.
After the butterflies, her second favorite thing in the museum was the structural posts surrounding the planetarium. She thought they made fun telescopes, peek-a-boo tubes, and megaphones. The third favorite thing was the Discovery room; she loved the memory boxes and exploring the large wall of drawers. The rest of the museum wasn't as interesting to her, she would look at the animals and tell me that it was a fake penguin or elephant. She prefers zoos and aquariums where the animals are still alive.
peek a booAunt Christina
We all got hungry so we headed over to a local Shake Shack for a late lunch/early dinner. There we said goodbye to Christina and ran to make the subway to get us to the train that would take us home. It was a fast dash and we just made it. We settled down into our seats and I was sure LP would fall asleep. She came pretty close cuddled up with Uncle Dave, but suddenly got a second wind and managed to stay awake until we were less than .5 a mile from home in the car.
Train ride home


Blue House Mom said...

Sounds like such a fantastic trip! Love the picture of Dave and LP.

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

that pic of Dave and LP is so sweet!

Buby + Bleu said...

We haven't been to this with Buby yet, but Tom and I used to go when we lived in the city. It's awesome you took her. Love the pictures.