Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little Catch Up Post

I never intended on taking almost a month off from the blog, but every time I sat down to post I got distracted, felt overwhelmed and distanced from it. I realized that my focus and reason for the blog has changed, it has become my journal of our lives and my days with LP. I will still continue to write the blog and I still invite everyone to read and comment (hopefully more people will actually comment, I would love to know who actually reads it) but I'm going to be writing from my view and what is important to me. I will do some catch up posts as I have time because I want to remember Christmas and my mom and Steven's visit. But I'm not going to worry so much about trying to do things at specific times and keeping it all in time order. I will backdate old posts so they fall into the right place in my journal.

In the meantime, here is a quick catch-up of the last month. (click on any of the photos for larger versions)

The Last (Hopefully) Snow
snow 008
LP loves snow. At Thanksgiving the thing she was most thankful for was playing in the snow. That hasn't changed. As soon as she sees snowflakes she's ready to pull on the boots and pants and go play. Hopefully this picture is the last snow one of the season though, I am ready for spring.

First (almost) Friend Sleepover
LP and I went to Alessandro's for her first friend sleepover. She was so excited to use her new sleeping bag from Nana and PopPop. The kids played, we had a nice dinner, then they got into their pajamas and we spread out the sleeping bags for a movie. Unfortunately about halfway through the movie Dori started not feeling well, so we never actually slept, but we had a fun night and will try it again soon.

Madalynn's Baptism

Wii Fit
We took a trip to CT/MA for Madalynn's baptism. While we were there we also visited with Auntie Lauren, Uncle Juan, Ana and Elana, we spent the night at Eka's house and got to have dinner with her and Auntie Diane, and of course spent lots of time playing with Ella, Hunter, and Cole.

We also toured LP's new school, had a wonderful lunch and afternoon with BP and her family, met Munchkinetta and her mom for breakfast, had Uncle Matt and Aunt Wendy over for dinner, went to the park, took a few trips to the little coffee shop, spent lots of time at the library, and LP and her dad went swimming, all in between school and ballet classes.


Blue House Mom said...

I'm glad you're back on your blog. I've missed reading about the goings-on in your life. It was great meeting you for breakfast...G misses her little friend!

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

Welcome back! I missed you in blog world, but totally understand your absence. I have been slacking lately too. Thanks for coming up to our maountain for lunch!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nannie and I NEVER read your blog.

Love you guys....

Buby + Bleu said...

Glad you're back.