Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everything But The Backyard Swing

A 3 year old's version of packing

One day left until Tulsa. Yesterday LP helped me pack. While I was going through her summer clothes trying to decide what to pack, she filled the suitcase with about 25 pairs of big underwear, 15 pairs of socks, and all of her winter dresses. Then she tried to fit her doll, panda, and pink sparkly shoes into the suitcase.

Today while I was getting our carry-on bag together she turned to me and asked if PopPop will push her on the swing. Suddenly she got very concerned and said, "We didn't pack my swing!" I can just imagine the laugh the TSA x-ray people would get if I allowed LP to pack her own suitcase. I got away with promising her that Nana and PopPop will take her to the big playground and push her on the sings.

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Jumpin J's Mom said...

Have a super duper great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.