Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a nice, relaxing Valentine's Day together as a family this year, LP, her daddy, Uncle Dave, and me. This year Valentine's Day fell on one of LP Dad's days off, so he actually got to spend the entire day with us.

I started off the morning by sort of sleeping in, although apparently LP and her dad were too excited to give me my gift to wait until I woke up. About 8 am they joined me in bed and gave me a beautiful red raincoat and red polka dotted umbrella.

We spent the morning playing relaxing while LP opened her gift from us, then got onto the webcam with Grandpa and Nannie to open the BIG box that had been sitting in our dining room all week. They sent LP her very own unicorn to ride around the house. This one isn't blue with a white tail, but he does make galloping and whinnying sounds and has a blue ribbon wrapped around him. She said he was just what she really, really wanted, named him ApplePie (although later that was changed to Fuzzy) and spent the morning riding him on adventures.

In the afternoon we decided to treat ourselves to ice cream instead of lunch. Uncle Dave came with us and we all enjoyed sundaes and ice cream cones. LP stuck to her usual vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone, while the rest of us ate sundaes and were too full later to want dinner.

Before LP went to bed that night, we hopped back on the webcam to talk to Nana and PopPop and LP opened another gift that she really, really wanted. She was so excited to get a beautiful dream catcher to hang above her bed. She woke up the next morning and told me about all the bad dreams that came that night, but her dream catcher kept them all away.

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Buby + Bleu said...

We have one of these... it's a horse stick. Buby loves it. Your Vday sounds just perfect.