Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Official

Excited at the change

LP is forward-facing in her carseats now. We made it 3 years, 4 months, and 3 weeks rear-facing.

Her second-to-last rf'ing trip
the end of rearfacing

She has taken the occasional ff'ing trip in other people's cars and has been ff'ing in Lilypad Dad's car for a month since we got a new seat. She has been hovering around the weight limit for rear-facing in her Boulevard for a couple of months and after a growth spurt over the last couple of weeks, she outgrew her Boulevard rear-facing by height. Yesterday I took advantage of the warmer weather to turn her seat around. I wasn't sure it would even come out of the car, it was installed that way almost 3 years ago and has not been removed once.

First ff'ing trip
first forward-facing trip in mom's car

Today we took our first trip, to the grocery store. While she seemed excited about it at first, by the time we were headed home she was asking me to turn her seat back around again. I think she was actually more comfortable rf'ing when her feet had someplace to rest! It is strange to look in the car and see the seat that way, it doesn't even look like the same seat anymore. And she looks so much older now when I look in the rearview mirror and see her sitting up so straight and tall facing me.


Blue House Mom said...

That first photo...she looks so old! Her hair is soooo long. She looks beautiful. How great you kept her rearfacing for so long. What an accomplishment. My little one loves forward facing and is obsessed with traffic lights and stop signs. I'm looking forward to getting together with you soon.

Lily Pad Nana said...

Your baby is surely growing up. They seem to do it even though we wish we wouldn't. What a beautiful picture you got of her. Will you send it to me?
Hmmmmmm, now she can see to be a back seat driver, right????

Good luck Sweetheart,