Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is It Summer Yet?


I am ready for summer. I am ready to play outside most of the day without spending 20 minutes bundling up. I am ready for the sun to still be up at bedtime. I am ready for the flowers to bloom, the grass and trees to turn green again, and to hear the birds through our open windows.

I am also ready to pull out the summer clothes. Especially this new dress I bought for LP this weekend. When the dads took the kids to give us time to ourselves this weekend, Jenn and I took a trip to the new Natick Collection to check it out. I couldn't believe the changes that have been made since I moved, including the addition of a Hanna Andersson store. I adore Hanna Andersson clothes, but cannot normally justify the expense. Jenn had a gift that needed to be returned and didn't see anything for J that she wanted, so she let me put it towards something for LP. Between that and the sale, I just couldn't resist this dress with the bright cheerful, summery colors.


Buby + Bleu said...

Cute dress! I love H.A., too, though I've never bought anything from them. Their girl stuff is cuter than their boy stuff. I flag things and then typically find lookalikes elsewhere for less.

Blue House Mom said...

What a cute dress!