Monday, November 17, 2008

Police Gear

The cold weather is settling in. We enjoyed a warm fall, but knew it was too good to last. Overnight the temperature dropped dramatically, reminding me that fall is just about over and winter is coming. As much as I dread the snow and cold, when the weather is really bad I can just stay in the warm, cozy house. Unfortunately Lilypad Dad doesn’t have that option, no matter how bitter cold or snowy out it is, he is in and out of the elements at night while he’s working.

LA Police Gear carries some great options to help him keep warm on the job over the winter months. I really like the 5.11 Flannel Lined Tactical Pants. Who wouldn't want to have a nice flannel lined pair of pants on when doing a car stop in the snow and freezing weather?

They also have a good selection of Under Armour gear, something that LP Dad has asked for recently. Since his department doesn't have an approved pair of flannel lined pants, he wears extra layers under his uniform to try to keep warm in the winter. I have been looking for Under Armour gear for him, and right now LA Police gear is offering free shipping on Under Armour orders over $50.

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