Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Preschool Orientation

Preschool Orientation

Today was preschool orientation. It was a shortened day and Lilypad Dad and I got to stay with Lilypad Princess. I think they planned it as an adjustment day for the kids, but I think it was more for the parents. Lilypad Princess couldn't wait to get to school this morning, even the massive thunderstorm happening right over our heads didn't deter her. When we walked into the hallway and spotted Mackenzie and Alexander, she ran right over forgetting her dad and I were even there. She settled into the new room right away, making some new friends and getting reacquainted with Mackenzie, Patrick, and Alexander from her two year old class. The first real day is Thursday, and while I know that LP will be fine I'm worried about how I'm going to hold up.

Preschool Orientation Paperdolls

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Jumpin J's Mom said...

What a big girl!!! Yeah LP we are so proud of you!!!!!!!!