Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Busy Birthday

Lilypad Princess had a busy third birthday today. She actually slept in late for once, then came in to jump on Lilypad Dad and I to wake us up. We started off the morning snuggling in bed talking about her birthday and plans for the day, then headed downstairs to get moving.

LP opened one of her birthday presents, a new baby who can get wet and a bathtub, and happily bathed her while I made her birthday waffles for breakfast. Then Alessandro and his mom joined us for a trip to the zoo.

Baby bath

This was the first trip to this zoo for all of us, it was small and old fashioned, but clean and intimate. We were only 2 fences and less than 5 feet away from bears, lions, and tigers, so the kids were able to get a great view of the animals. It was big enough that we never had to be near another group, but small enough that the kids were able to walk the whole thing. The biggest hit for the kids was not the animals though, but the playground in the center of the zoo. They would have been happy to spend the entire day there.

Feeding the Bears

Running with the Geese

Tiger's Lunch


For dinner, Lilypad Dad and I took LP to a burger restaurant with summer music and atmosphere. LP loves this restaurant, and we had a nice dinner together. LP ended her day with vanilla ice cream with a candle and a round of happy birthday from us and the waiter.

Listening to us sing Happy Birthday

Enjoying her birthday Ice Cream

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Buby + Bleu said...

Ahh, looks like a fantastic day all around. You'll have to tell me where is that zoo. Also looks like LP's favorite restaurant is Buby's favorite restaurant. He always chooses to go there whenever we ask.