Monday, August 4, 2008

Picking Blueberries

The blueberry patch

Yummy blueberries

While we were on vacation at the beach we headed to a local farm to pick blueberries. Lilypad Princess thought she was in heaven, she actually told me that she was in her favorite place ever. The blueberry bushes were down a dirt road in a big field, covered by netting to keep the birds and animals out. There were plenty of bushes and they were all covered with big, fat, dark purple blueberries.
Look at all the berries

Lilypad Dad took bucket and got down to the hard work of picking, while Lilypad Princess and I shared a bucket. She picked a couple off the first bush she came to, then got all excited when she realized there were more on the bush next to her. She ran from bush to bush yelling "mommy look, another one!" picking a berry or two and heading off to the next one to repeat the process.

the blueberry hunter


She started off putting them in her bucket, then started announcing "one for the bucket, one for me" and popping one in her mouth. Soon I realized she had moved on to "one for the bucket, two for me" and soon I think she stopped putting them into the bucket at all.

You pick it...

and put it in your mouth

Overall we picked a bucket and a half of blueberries, completely filling the large, plastic colander when we got them home. LP loved being able to run into the kitchen and grab a handful whenever she wanted them, and they were all gone before we left the beach for home.

Eating more


There were so big and yummy

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Buby + Bleu said...

Look at that dress? It's so short and she's so tall. I think the 4th shot is my fave! Blueberries are yum yum. I have to remember to go picking next year. We just bought a big container for only $6 at Sam's and we've been eating them every meal. Delish!