Thursday, August 21, 2008

Connecticut Children's Museum

During our last trip to the beach Lilypad Princess took her first alone class at the Children's Museum. We went over earlier in the morning to let her play for a while first, and as usual she spent the majority of her time in the Mexican restaurant serving us rice, beans, tacos, and ice cream.

Getting my food

Ringing up my order

She also enjoyed blowing bubble, making music and climbing the rock wall outside. The tv weather station also kept her occupied for awhile, she apparently likes watching herself on tv.

Getting the weather report update

playing the drums

Climbing the rock wall

After an hour or two it was time for class. Lilypad Princess walked into the classroom without a backwards glance at Lilypad Dad or me. This was her first full class without a parent, and she did a great job. She enjoyed sitting on her carpet square for story time, chose goldfish and water for her snack, and did a great job during the playdough craft time. I had a much harder time than she did, and spent 40 of the 45 minutes watching through the window.

Her first class alone

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Buby + Bleu said...

What a great museum!! I can totally see her in preschool. Just two more weeks. She looks so mature here. And more and more like her Daddy every day. Not the mature part, just the looks. Ha! Sorry Mike. I'm really scared to bring Buby to class on September 3rd. I'm nervous he'll run out screaming or just hug my leg and not let go. We'll see...