Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pizza Party

Although we have been having a great summer as a family, it has been busy and Lilypad Princess has really missed spending time with her friends. Today we were able to get three-fourths of the playgroup together for a pizza/pool party (well, the toddler version of it anyway.)
making pizza
Buby, Barefoot Princess, and Lilypad Princess jumped right back into play together, with LP and BP immediately getting into the dress up trunk. After a little play, it was time for lunch. The kids made their own individual pizzas, spreading the sauce across the dough and adding some cheese, mushrooms and peppers. The did a great job on them.
adding the toppings
Once lunch was over, we headed out to the backyard for a little pool and swing time. It was a hot day, but I think that Barefoot Baby enjoyed the pools more than the other kids. Then it was naptime. All the kids were pretty tired, and Lilypad Princess fell asleep before I even got back in the house from saying goodbye. She was so happy to see her friends, she has talked about constantly since waking up from the nap.

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Buby + Bleu said...

We had so much fun. Thanks for having us.