Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun with Friends

Lilypad Princess has a couple of friends down at the beach. Their family owns the cottage next to PopPop's and they are often there on the weekends. During our last trip down, Lilypad Dad took a day to help roof a cover over their patio. While the dads worked, the kids had a great time running around the yard and playing in the pool.

Slash you!



Buby & Bleu said...

Wow, cool last photo! Glad LP has friends at the beach. It looks beautiful there.

Blue House Mom said...

I think it's great LP has beach friends. I love her sun hat!

twithhoney said...

I love that hat. For some reason it just suits her.

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

Having friends at the beach makes it so much fun! BP talks about her friends all the way down the parkway.
I love LP's bathing suit. Great coverage from the sun in a suit like that.

Carolyn said...

Princess wears a hat with such CLASS !