Friday, June 20, 2008

Dinner with Bobu

Yesterday afternoon Bobu came up for a visit and to have dinner with us. Lilypad Princess was very excited to wake up and find Bobu out in the backyard, and immediately set out to fill him in on everything that she has been up to (although I'm not sure he could understand, she was talking so fast at points I didn't get half of it). She also took the opportunity to show off some of her favorite toys, and take advantage of having someone else chase her around the backyard.

I used the opportunity to try out a couple of new recipies, both of which I was told were keepers. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures though, something went wrong with the camera and it kept trying to reformat the card. I'm hoping I can figure out what is wrong with it or it looks like we will have to use the leftover Circuit City gift card on a new camera.

Speaking of which, if you ever make a purchase on electronics from Circuit City, I highly recommend their protection plan. We have purchased it for all of our XM radios and have gotten the value from them. They have replaced Lilypad Dad's radio multiple times at this point. When they could no longer replace it with a new one, they gave him back a credit for his entire original purchase price, so he was able to purchase a new model. My XM radio stopped working correctly after 3 years (and quite a few drops as it was a portable unit) and I brought it back to be fixed. It turns out there was a misunderstanding when I bought my radio, we had purchased 3 at the same time and all four should have had the 4 year protection plan, but mine was only put under a 2 year plan. The store itself was unable to assist me because it was out of warranty for over a year, but a phone call to their corporate office to try to sort out the problem resulted in a gift card for more than my original purchase price for the misunderstanding. So I now have a brand new radio, a new 4 year protection plan, a home kit for the radio also under a 4 year plan and money left on a gift card for anything else I might need. Circuit City really went above and beyond to make my experience as a customer a good one.

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