Monday, April 21, 2008

Backyard in Progress

OK, I guess I'm going to have to put the rest of the pictures in tomorrow, I'm having a little problem with Flickr tonight. I already published this by accident, but I'll finish filling in photos tomorrow and I'll publish the other posts I have written.

Daffodils in the backyard

Lilypad Dad was off this weekend and we spent some time working in the backyard. He finished tearing down the random steps and stage next to the garage (we still can't figure out what that was for) and used all the bricks to create a little patio next to the porch. We're going to put the grill and sandbox over there to get them out from under the trees. He also pulled up the bricks that ran along one side of the real patio and we're going to turn that into a new flower bed.

backyard 027

I had to make a run to Sam's Club for more diapers, and found a great deal on some solar lights. I picked them up and we used them to outline the patio and the walkway to the frontyard.

backyard 029

While Lilypad Dad and I were busy installing the lights, Lilypad Princess was busy planting her own garden. She planted a stick, pinecone, daffodil, and dried flower in the ground.

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