Sunday, March 2, 2008

We're Not In New York Anymore

Tornado Shelter at the zoo

While walking around the rain forest exhibit at the zoo yesterday, I noticed this wooden door hidden in the wall. Because one of the tiny monkeys was right above it, I moved a little closer, getting a better look at what the green sign actually said (click on the link to read). Yup, that is a picture of a tornado and that hidden door is a tornado shelter in the middle of the zoo.

While driving back from the Y today, I got another reminder that Oklahoma is a completely different world from NY. There are lots of cows and horses all over the place out here. Not that unusual and you will see that in NY as well. But as I drove past one house less than 2 miles from my mom's, something different caught my eye. I almost drove off the road as I turned to make sure I was seeing things correctly, and yes I was, there were 2 DONKEYS grazing on the grass in the front yard.

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Blue House Mom said...

Oooh, scary sign! You're definitely not in NY. Has your Mom experienced any tornadoes? Is there a certain season for them?