Thursday, March 13, 2008

Health Supplements

Now that I have gotten into a pretty good routine at the gym, I've turned my attention to my nutrition. I'm working on cutting down portion sizes, eating healthier snacks, balancing food groups, and reducing fat.

Along with the food changes, I have started looking into nutrition supplements as well. I need to start taking a multivitamin again, and I have been grabbing protein bars and fiber bars as a quick snack on the run. I came across that a site where you find discount bodybuilding supplements as well as vitamins and general, well-being products. has some really interesting bars and snacks, such as the Better Balance Pretzel Sticks, Protein Chips, and Luna Bars. The ones the sound the best to me are the thinkOrganic Raw Fruit and Nut bars. The Apricot Coconut, Chocolate Coconut and Cherry Nut sound like they could make a yummy, healthy treat when I'm craving something sweet. has a good variety of products and the prices seem to be really great. Their site says that they have a low price guarantee.

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