Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finding Insurance

Insurance. It's something we all have to have and is such an important part of life. Health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, house insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance: there are so many different kinds of insurance out there. Some of which are a luxury, others are required. You cannot get a mortgage to buy a house without having home insurance and it is illegal to drive a car (at least in our state) without auto insurance. Unfortunately health insurance is not required, but should be something that everyone has, I cannot imagine having to pay medical bills without it.

We have recently been trying to get additional life insurance policies for Lilypad Dad and I. Lilypad Dad is covered with a policy at work, but we wanted to have another one just to be on the safe side. And now we have to start searching for a motorcycle policy. Pop Steve gave Lilypad Dad a motorcycle and now that he has his permit and the nice weather is coming, it's time to get it insured and registered so he can hit the road with Buby's dad.

Websites like Autonet Insurance Group make it easy to find the insurance you need. They can provide you with quotes for car, motorcycle, home, business, and courier insurance. Commercial Insurance helps employers find just the right kind of insurance they need, whether the business is a hotel, factory, or contractors.

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Barefoot Princess & Family said...

We have a resident insurance expert in our house if you should need guidance... on any of the types you mentioned.