Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Conversation

Setting: The car on the way home from dinner. Lilypad Princess is in her carseat in the back, Lilypad Mom is driving and Nana is in the front seat. Nana is holding LP's leftovers in a Styrofoam container on her lap, with 2 Styrofoam cups* resting on top.

LP: What is that noise?
Nana: What noise?
LP: What is that noise?
Nana and Mommy: That is the box squeaking.
LP: My box with my dinner?
Nana: Yes.
LP: Nana there's a mouse.
Mommy: Where's the mouse?
LP: The mouse is eating my dinner in the box. The mouse is squeaking.

This led to an entire conversation about the little mouse who snuck into the box to eat her dinner. Somehow the mouse got out of the box before we got home though. I love to listen to the stories that her imagination can dream up.

*(Sidenote: In OK when they bring you a box for your leftovers they ask if you want a to-go drink too. They bring you a full refill of whatever you were drinking in a to-go cup. Our waiter looked at me like I was nuts when I didn't know what he was talking about.)


T with Honey said...

I love listening to the crazy stories little ones dream up when their imaginations finally start to emerge! If only I had an ounce of that creativity as an adult.

Blue House Mom said...

I love her imagination. She's always thinking of different stories and she's always ready to tell someone about her stories. It's so sweet. That's pretty neat about the drink refills in OK. I never would have known either.