Friday, February 29, 2008

Safe in Tulsa

On the airplane
We made it safely to Tulsa. We left on Wednesday morning and spent the night at a friend's house in Columbus. Lilypad Princess had a great time, she loves her new friend Natalie in Columbus and wanted to bring her to Tulsa with us. Two more flights on Thursday went smoothly and LP went running for her Nana as soon as we saw her in the airport. LP's first impression of Tulsa: there are monkeys at the airport. Actually they are some kind of noisy bird that sound like monkeys yelling, but LP hasn't stopped talking about the monkeys yet. We're going to have to take a trip to the zoo I think.

Lilypad Princess was so tired after the trip that she fell asleep on my lap, and didn't wake up at all as I carried her upstairs, changed her diaper, put on her pajamas and put her to bed.


Buby & Co. said...

I'm not even going to show these pictures to Buby like I usually do. I'll wait until the day before we see LP again. Or he may get upset with me and demand to see her! He's been asking. I tell him she's at her grandmothers in Oklahoma, and he respond "LILY SICK." I guess, to him, every time a friend isn't around for a while they are at home sick.

Blue House Mom said...

She's too funny about the monkeys! I'm so glad you did some posting...I wasn't sure if you were, but it's great to see you and LP!