Friday, February 1, 2008

I Can Go Potty

During our trip to the library last night I picked up the video, I Can Go Potty! for Lilypad Princess. We watched it for the first time today, and I will be returning it tomorrow. This is one I definitely won't recommend to anyone. The little girl who narrates it annoys me; "I consider myself an expert on the potty". Lilypad Princess seemed interested for about 5 minutes, then kept telling the little girl "bye-bye!" I guess she had enough of her too. We'll just wait for the Elmo Potty dvd to come in from another library for us.


Buby & Co. said...

We have the Elmo Potty DVD (I bought it on recommendation from Buby's cousin), and it's awesome! I mean.... I still think Elmo is annoying. But Buby LOVED it. I'll try to remember to bring it Monday so you can borrow it!

Blue House Mom said...

We have the Elmo Potty one, too. She loves it.