Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2007 decided to go out with one last snow. There wasn't a lot of new snow, only a couple of inches when we woke up, and it was very warm so it was melting quickly. After a breakfast of pancakes and fruit, we all got dressed and headed out to enjoy the snow before it was gone.

Lilypad Princess dove right in, literally, starting off with a faceplant snowangel. We had a small family snowball fight, although I don't think it was very fair since LP and Lilypad Dad both decided to gang up on me!

I pulled out LP's sled from last winter and she loved being pulled around the yard. The sled is too small this year though, I really wish I could have found a new one for her when Buby's mom and I were out shopping. She didn't mind cramming her legs in though, she wanted to keep going even when Lilypad Dad and I were ready to collapse.

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Buby & Co. said...

Ahh, we miss LP these past 2 weeks. Buby talks about her everyday. He's been sick the past few but is (slowly) on the mend. LP looks so happy in the snow. I know what you mean about ganging up... Buby and his daddy always team against me.